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Will Brierre's


Joe Fox And The Frantics: Joe Fox And The Frantics EP (2021, Joe Fox And The Frantics) Mixer

The Airborne Toxic Event: Hollywood Park (2020, Rounder Records) Engineer

Iration: Coastin' (2020, 3 Prong Records) Mixer, Engineer

Magic Bronson: Sweat (2020, Handwritten Records) Mixer

Charming Liars: In The Reflection Of Blood (2020, Chartmaker Inc.) Mixer

Number One Pop Star: Psycho (2020, Number One Pop Start) Mixer

The New Twentys: Inside Out (2020, The New Twentys)

Midi Matilda: Just A Game (2020, Kilborn & Grime) Mixer

Levara: Chameleon (2020, Mascot Label Group/ Mascot Records) Mixer

Levara: Heaven Knows - Single (2020, Mascot Label Group/ Mascot Records) Mixer

Hadise: Küçük Bir Yol - Single (2020, Pasaj) Mixer

The Eiffels: Patient - Single (2020, Eiffels) Mixer

MISCHO: Photon Love - Single (2020, MISCHO) Mixer

Troi Irons: flowers, the album (2020, Veni Vidi Vici Sounds) Mixer

Paper Jackets: Souvenirs, Vol. 1 (2020, Selma Records) Mixer

Starbenders: Love Potions (2020, Sumerian Records) Mixer

Yacht PunkGhosts (2019, Killphonic) Mixer

Yacht PunkRadar - Single (2019, Killphonic) Mixer

StarbendersJapanese Rooms EP (2019, Institution Records) Mixer

StarbendersNever Lie To Me - Single (2019, Institution Records) Mixer

The EiffelsSpin Around - Single (2019, The Eiffels) Mixer

Charming LiarsThought, Flesh, & Bone (2019, Chartmaker, Inc.) Mixer

Charming LiarsTime To Start - Single (2019, Chartmaker, Inc.) Mixer

Charming LiarsAlive - Single (2019, Chartmaker, Inc.) Mixer

MISCHO: Tuesday Night (2019, MISCHO) Mixer

BexleyLost In The Moment EP (2019, Bexley Music) Mixer

Troi IronsLost Angels - Single (2019, Veni Vedi Vici Sounds) Mixer

Troi IronsStrangers - Single (2019, Veni Vedi Vici Sounds) Mixer

Midi Matilda: Apple Pie - Single (2019, Midi Matilda) Mixer

Midi Matilda: Golden Stallion - Single (2019, Midi Matilda) Mixer

Midi Matilda: I Never Was - Single (2019, Midi Matilda) Mixer

Midi Matilda: Young Dumb Fever - Single (2019, Midi Matilda) Mixer

Magic BronsonEvil Plans EP (2018, Handwritten Records) Mixer

Margolnick: Pop Tart EP (2018 Bright Antenna) Mixer

The EiffelsBody Like That - Single (2018, The Eiffels) Mixer

The EiffelsHeartbeat - Single (2018, The Eiffels) Mixer

Charming LiarsLike A Drug - Single (2018, Chartmaker, Inc.) Mixer

Charming LiarsSomething Dark - Single (2018, Chartmaker, Inc.) Mixer

Yacht PunkA Dog Of Dogs For A Ghost - Single (2018, Yacht Punk) Mixer, Engineer

FlagshipThe Ladder EP (2018, Bright Antenna Records) Mixer

Yacht PunkNeed A Reason - Single (2018, Yacht Punk) Mixer, Engineer

Paper JacketsDon’t Lose Your Head (2018, Selma Records) Mixer

Yacht PunkIndian Summer - Single (2018, Yacht Punk) Mixer, Engineer

StarbendersJulian EP (2018, Institution Records) Mixer

Starbenders21st Century Orphan - Single (2018, Institution Records) Mixer

IrationIration (2018, Three Prong Records) Mixer, Engineer

Paper JacketsBodak Yellow - Single (2018, Selma Records) Mixer

Emma Cole: If You Don't Holler, No One Will Hear (2018, Emma Cole) Mixer

BexleyRun Rabbit Run - Single (2018, Bexley Music) Mixer

Troi IronsAntihero - EP (2018, Veni Vedi Vici Sounds) Mixer

Scars On 45Satellite Town (2018, King Of Payne Records) Mixer

Yacht PunkNew Wave Denier - Single (2018, Yacht Punk) Mixer, Engineer

Scars On 45Troubadour - Single (2018, King Of Payne Records) Mixer

Yacht PunkExistential Freakout - Single (2017, Yacht Punk) Mixer, Engineer

StarbendersFar From Heaven - Single (2017, Institution Records) Mixer

Magic BronsonNervous -  Single (2018, Handwritten Records) Mixer

Starbenders1969 - Single (2017, Institution Records) Mixer

Chris BourneIn Your Arms EP (2017, Bourne Insanity Records) Mixer

StarbendersJulian - Single (2017, Institution Records) Mixer

Charming LiarsInsomnia - Single (2017, Chartmaker, Inc.) Mixer

Robbery Inc.: Honeybee - Single (2017, Apostoles Records) Mixer

FlagshipYou Shook Me All Night Long - Single (2017, Bright Antenna Records) Mixer

StarbendersDown And Out - Single (2017, Institution Records) Mixer

Riverdale Cast: Riverdale: Season1 Original Soundtrack (2017, WaterTower Music)

XYLO: Dead End Love - Single (2016, Sony Music) Mixer

Chris Bourne: Young Love Relapse EP (2016, Chris Bourne) Mixer

The Black Moods: Medicine (2016, Another Century Records) Mixer

Sick Puppies: Fury (2016, Caroline Records) Mixer

Kid Runner: Body Language (2016, Kid Runner LLC) Mixer

Starbenders: Heavy Petting (2016, Institution Records) Mixer

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald: I Wanna Make It With You - LP  (2016 Treasure Island Recs) Mixer

Chris Bourne: Mft80s - Single (2016, Dirty Brit Records) Mixer

H2NY: Tremor (2016, Unconditional Records) Mixer

Komox: Dreaming Awake, Vol. 2 (2016, Bryce Soderberg) Mixer

Midi Matilda: Tidal Wave - Single (2016, Midi Matilda) Mixer

Midi Matilda: Talk About It - Single (2016, Midi Matilda) Mixer

De La Torre: Beautiful Now - Single (2016, So Success Entertainment, Inc.) Mixer

Emma Cole: High Times - Single (2016, Emma Cole) Mixer

Idalee: Starting Now (2016, Idalee) Mixer

Rival Fire: Riot (2016, Rival Fire Pty Ltd.) Producer, Engineer

The Young Wild: All The Luck - EP (2016, Hollywood Records) Mixer

The Rocket Summer: Zoetic (2016, Aviate Records) Mixer

The Moog: The Moog - EP (2016, MuSick Recordings) Mixer

Iration: Hotting Up (2015, Three Prong Records) Engineer

Midnight Satellites: Past Present Future (2015, Midnight Satellites)

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald: I Wanna Make It With You - Single (2015, Treasure Island Recs) Mixer

Five Knives: Savages (2015, Red Bull Records) Engineer

IAMDYNAMITE: Wasa Tusa (2015, Brando Records) Mixer

The Eiffels: The Eiffels - EP (2015, The Eiffels) Mixer

Colette Carr: Static Start - EP (2015, Kawaii Nation) Mixer

Komox: Dreaming Awake, Vol. 1 (2015, Bryce Soderberg) Mixer

Michael Shaw: This Is It: An Intimate Evening With Michael Shaw (2015, An Intimate Evening With Michael Shaw) Mixer

EDUKE: Everybody Needs Somebody - EP (2015, EDUKEMUSIC/ LIVE4MANKIND) Mixer

Wild Party: Phantom Pop (2014, Old Friends Records) Mixer

Zebra & Giraffe: Knuckles (2014, Hoodlum Music) Mixer

Five Knives: Sugar - Single (2014, Red Bull Records) Engineer

Anna Renee: The Places You'll Go - EP (2014, Kewl Beans Productions) Mixer

Jonathon Waterman: Run To You – EP (2014, Jonathon Waterman) Mixer

Seether: Isolate And Medicate (Deluxe Edition)(2014, Bicycle Music Company) Mix Engineer

The Open Feel: Sidewalk Zombies – Single (2014, Fluid Music Entertainment) Mixer

H2NY: Bleed – Single (2014, Unconditional Music) Mixer

Above Seclusion: Get Up - Single (2014 Above Seclusion) Mixer

Above Seclusion: S Album (2014, Above Seclusion) Mixer

American Authors: Oh, What A Life (2014, Island Records) Assistant Mixer

Michael McQuaid: Sleepwalking - Single  (2014, Michael McQuaid) Mixer

Michael McQuaid: Heart & Soul EP  (2014, Michael McQuaid) Mixer

Cheerleader: On Your Side (2014, Bright Antenna Records)  Engineer

Calvin Goldspink: The Lemon Tree EP (2014, Independent) Mixer

Parlotones: Stand Like Giants (2014, Sovereign Entertainment) Mixer

The Open Feel: The Open Feel – EP (2014 The Open Feel) Mixer

​Flagship: Flagship (2013 Bright Antenna Records) Mixer

5FM Mashlab: Various Artists (featuring Seether, Parlotones, Iso) (2013 Jon Savage Productions) Mixer

Goldspot: Borderline – Radio Mix (2013 Mt. Hoboken/ Nice Music Group) Mixer

Michael Lowman: Crayon Boxes  (2013, Universal Music South Africa) Mixer

Zoe Ann: Inside My Head (2013 Zoe Ann Music) Mixer

The Open Feel: Pushing Back – Single (2013 Fluid Music Entertainment) Mixer

Sick Puppies: Connect (2013, Virgin Records) Engineer

Youngblood Hawke: Wake Up (2013, Universal-Republic Records) Engineer

Treeside: XIII – EP (2013, Treeside) Mixer

Original Score: Virgin Alexander (Original Montion Picture Soundtrack) (2013, 100K Flims) Mixer

​Flagship: Blackbush EP (2012, Bright Antenna Records) Mixer

Imagine Dragons: Night Visions (2012, Interscope Records) Engineer

Don Felder: Road To Forever (2012, Forever Road Music) Engineer

Taylor Marie: Breaking Points & Sleepless Nights (2012, Taylor Marie) Mixer

Phil Sanchez: Revived (2012, Catapult) Mixer

Youngblood Hawke: Youngblood Hawke (EP) (2012, Universal Republic Records) Engineer

Zebra and Giraffe: The Wisest Ones (2012, Just Music) Mixer

Jonathon Waterman: Back To Music – EP (2012 Jonathon Waterman) Mixer

​Youngblood Hawke: Youngblood Hawke – Independent EP (2011, Youngblood Hawke) Mixer

Hot Streets: S.O.S. EP (2011, Hot Streets) Mixer

Josiah Leming: Another Life (2014, Josiah Leming) Mixer

The Sounds: Something To Die For (2011, Warner Music Sweden) Engineer

Short Stack: This Is Bat Country (2010, Universal Music) Assistant Mix Engineer

Stone Parade: Stratosphere (2010, Ambition/MGM Australia) Mixer

Boyz Sküle And The Precious Medals: I Love You So Much (2010, Boyz Sküle And The Precious Medals) Mixer

The Breach: The Breach (2009, Independent) Mixer

Starzsky: Starzsky – EP (2009, Starzsky) Mixer

Chris Isaak: Mr. Lucky (2009, Reprise Records) Engineer

Nikos Eliot: Buddha Is Not Young (2008 Nikos Eliot) Mixer

Hot Streets: Self Titled LP (2008, Hot Streets) Mixer

Gran Ronde: Secret Rooms (2008, Filter Recordings) Engineer

The Heavy Circles featuring Edie Brickell and Harper Simon: The Heavy Circles (2008, Dynamite Child)  Engineer

Dark Horse: Queen Apathy (2007, Dark Horse) Mixer

Rick Springfield: The Day After Yesterday (2005, DKE Records) Assistant Mix Engineer

Chris Isaak: Chris Isaak Christmas (2004, Reprise/Warner Brothers) Engineer

**Click Here** to see other projects I have been a part of in various music production roles through my career (i.e. The Killers -"Hot Fuss," Walk The Moon - "Walk The Moon," and American Authors - "American Authors"

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