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Will Brierre's Bio

Will Brierre is a mixing engineer and recording engineer based in Los Angeles, CA who has worked with a variety of recording artists including Iration, Sick Puppies, Imagine Dragons, Desmond Child, The Airborne Toxic Event, Seether, The Sounds, Chris Isaak, The Rocket Summer, and Youngblood Hawke.

As a life long musician with over two decades of industry and music production experience, Will has developed a strong understanding of arrangement, song writing, and dynamics, as well as how to meld the best aspects of the analog and digital worlds for the mixing and recording environments.

His studio career traces back to high school when he bought a Tascam cassette 4-track to record guitar demos and became obsessed with the record making process. Will doesn’t discriminate when it comes to musical genres, whether he’s in the studio or listening for personal enjoyment. His philosophy is simple: if the song is good, then he’s having fun, genre aside.

As a mixing engineer, Will seeks to complement the vision of the artist and take their sound to a level that is competitive with current record industry standards. His ultimate goal when working with any artist is that they leave the studio feeling that their artistic vision has been realized

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